What is patent?
A patent is a protective document. This document is granted by the state and gives its owner the exclusive right to use his invention. The invention is a solution to a technical problem achieved by technical means. It can be a product that can be manufactured industrially, a process (method) of production or the use of known objects for a new purpose. However, in order for this solution to be patented, according to the patent law it must be: new; subject of inventive step; industrially applicable; must not be excluded from patentability.

How long is a patent valid for?
Term of validity of patent is 20 years after filing of patent application. Duration of patent validity depends on payment of preserving fees.

How to get a patent?
A Slovak patent can be obtained by filing an application for a patent at the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic.

The filing of the application is followed by an application procedure where the Office submits the application to a formal examination, where the Office examines whether the application has formal errors. It shall publish it in its gazette 18 months after the right of priority arose. After the publication of the application, anyone may submit comments to the Office on the patentability of its subject matter. The Office shall take the comments into account in the full examination of the application, which the Office shall carry out on the basis of an application from the applicant, which must be filed no later than 36 months after the filing of the application for the invention. At the end of the application procedure, the Office may grant a patent.

Patent protection in foreign countries can be obtained by filing a European patent application or an international application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).


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